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Nikkei Asia: Prayuth plays Thai poll timing guessing game in reelection bid

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that our executive director was recently quoted in Nikkei Asia, offering expert insights on the political landscape in Thailand. As a leading think tank dedicated to analyzing political trends and policy issues, we're proud to see our team's expertise recognized by such a respected publication.

The Nikkei Asia article, titled "Prayuth plays Thai poll timing guessing game in reelection bid," highlights the comments of our executive director and other experts about the upcoming elections in Thailand. As the article notes, the Thai PM has been in making yet to announce his decision to dissolve the parliament for the upcoming election considering one of the turning points of Thai politics.

Our executive director offered the following insights on the situation: "The mid-March dissolution date is quite significant for Prayuth to benefit from the space it opens for parliamentarians to shift to his new party," said Kan Yuenyong, executive director of Siam Intelligence, a Bangkok-based think tank. "He is banking on MPs from other parties to join him before the deadline."

But Prayuth will lose this advantage if he lets the current parliament run to its full term, which ends on March 23. "If Prayuth lets the clock run out, he will not be able to secure crossovers," added Kan. "He is playing on being an incumbent to attract these MPs." Please read more at:



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