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Sretta's Bold Bid Amid Controversy and Thaksin's Return Heats Up Thai Politics

Updated: Sep 1, 2023

Sretta Thavisin, the Phue Thai Party's Prime Ministerial candidate, is set to be nominated for the Prime Minister election by the National Assembly of Thailand tomorrow. This comes amidst a barrage of allegations by Chuwit Kamolvisit, who is trying to implicate Sretta in several past real estate transactions tied to fake nominations and tax evasion. However, these allegations remain murky, relying largely on tenuous connections rather than solid empirical evidence. We cannot definitively confirm or deny Sretta's involvement in these transactions.

Additionally, Chuwit has alleged that XSpring, linked to a digital wallet project promising benefits for every citizen above 16 years of age, is connected to Sretta. Despite appearances, there is little concrete evidence to support this claim. Although Sansiri Plc, where Sretta formerly served as CEO, is a major shareholder in XSpring, a company involved in digital cryptocurrency and investment funds, it is not necessarily indicative of any wrongdoing. In fact, given the allegations, we expect XSpring to exercise extreme caution in their relations with the digital wallet project.

In a show of support, the Phue Thai Party (PTP) and its coalition have announced their full-fledged endorsement of Sretta, backing him with a solid 314 votes for the nomination. Rumors also suggest that at least 100 senators will support him, comfortably surpassing the 365-vote threshold needed for him to become the 30th Prime Minister of Thailand.

Adding to the political intrigue, influential political figure Thaksin Shinawatra has pledged to return to Thailand tomorrow. Upon his arrival at Don Mueang, he is expected to face justice alongside his archrival, Suthep Thueksuban, in a separate legal proceeding. These developments are sure to make Tuesday a monumental day in Thai political history.

Sretta's Gambit

In an impassioned Facebook post, Sretta Thavisin, the PTP's prime ministerial candidate, emphasized his determination to lead a government that elevates the lives of the Thai people. In the address, he recounted his personal political journey, which began under the invitation of Pae Thongtarn Shinawatra, the head of the Pheu Thai family. Sretta recalled the warm welcome he received from party members and expressed sincere gratitude for their support, despite his lone entry into the party without a following.

Sretta acknowledged the nervousness and anxiety that accompanied his early days in politics. He emphasized that the tutoring and advice he received from fellow party members were instrumental in his political journey. The recent election results, he noted, weren't as expected with the party securing 141 votes. Sretta stressed that this outcome should be understood in the context of the PTP’s nine-year absence from government, a period during which the living standards of the people have declined.

Addressing the needs and wants of the Thai people, Sretta explained the importance of forming a government under the leadership of the PTP. Criticism against the party, he said, hurts him as much as it does other members, but stressed the importance of focusing on the needs of the tens of millions of farmers waiting for good policies, such as a digital wallet and a threefold increase in farmers' income within four years. He emphasized that these policies can only be realized under a government led by the party.

Sretta urged fellow PTP MPs to connect with their constituents and explain the necessity, determination, and sincerity of their intentions. He emphasized the need to elevate the well-being of all Thai people to move the country forward, highlighting it as the most crucial task for the party.

Sretta concluded his address by expressing his honor in being trusted by PTP members as the prime ministerial candidate. He pledged to lead the people's government with sincere intentions and work tirelessly to solve the problems of the people. He acknowledged the contributions of former party members such as Nattawut Saikua, Tassanee Buranupakorn, and Chanan Yodhong, and assured them that their contributions would not be forgotten. Sretta expressed his belief that they would understand the need for the party to take its current direction and that, if approved by the council, leading the country forward would be a shared duty that would make them all proud of their time in the party.

Pheu Thai Forms Majority Government Amid Economic Crisis

In its press release, The PTP, in a coalition with 11 other political parties, has announced the formation of a new government backed by a strong majority of 314 votes. This move comes amid Thailand's ongoing economic crisis, escalating household debt, and the severe impact on the small and medium business sector.

Sretta Thavisin, the prime ministerial candidate for the PTP, is leading the coalition government. The party has faced harsh discourses and accusations in the past, but it's taking on the responsibility to lead the country and solve the problems affecting its citizens.

The coalition includes the Bhumjaithai Party (71 seats), the Palang Pracharat Party (40 seats), the Ruam Thai Sang Chart Party (36 seats), the Chat Thai Pattana Party (10 seats), the Prachachart Party (9 seats), and the PTP (141 seats). Five other parties, each with fewer seats, are also part of the coalition.

PTP and its coalition partners have outlined key policies for the new government. These policies address the country's economic crisis, income disparities, and other urgent issues. Among their plans are raising the minimum wage to 600 baht by 2027, introducing a bachelor's salary of 25,000 baht, making military conscription voluntary, increasing agricultural prices, resolving conflicts in the southern border provinces, and allowing official marijuana doctors and health professionals to practice. The coalition also aims to amend the constitution to make it more democratic and strengthen anti-corruption measures.

The PTP acknowledged that the current economic problem is a top priority and that urgent solutions are needed to alleviate the crisis affecting households and the small and medium business sector. The party and its coalition partners intend to accelerate work to revive the economic structure, develop measures and mechanisms for political stability, and work towards creating a new constitution creatively.

Despite the presence of former political parties from previous governments, the PTP is confident that all coalition partners will work together effectively in the best interest of the people, as they have done in previous Thai Rak Thai (TRT), People Power Party (PPP), and Pheu Thai eras.

In a joint statement, the coalition asked for the support of the Senate, all members of the House of Representatives, and all political parties to come together and push forward the national agenda. They aim to solve economic, social, and national security problems, take care of the nation's main institutions, and work towards reducing conditions that could lead to further conflicts in the country. The PTP and its coalition partners are dedicated to working for the country and adhering to the people's agenda. The announcement comes on August 21, 2023, with high expectations for the coalition to lead the country towards prosperity and well-being, and a more complete democracy.


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