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Weekly Geopolitical Analysis Report for C-Level Directors: Report on April 19, 2023

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Dear Executive Director,

Here is a summary of the geopolitical situation and recent developments to be aware of, as requested for your weekly report:

Weekly Geopolitical Trend Radar, please access this radar at:


  1. France-China relations: France's president stated that Europe should not get caught up in crises that are not theirs, specifically referring to the Taiwan situation. However, the future of Taiwan is of vital interest to Europe and the global community. The situation highlights the importance of maintaining a balance between respecting sovereignty and addressing shared concerns.

  2. Biden/Harris Administration: As the administration faces challenges in fixing democracy, the PBS Twitter boycott and Bell's missing person case demonstrate the role of social media and public opinion in shaping political discourse.


  1. Electric kick scooters are becoming increasingly popular as a means of sustainable transportation, offering economic growth opportunities in the green transportation sector.

  2. The concept of three internets raises concerns about the future of global communication and the potential for further fragmentation, which may have economic implications as markets become more isolated.


  1. Abuse of women's rights and animal treatment protests underscore the need to address societal concerns alongside economic and environmental progress.

  2. The college presidency diversity issue demonstrates the need for inclusion and representation in leadership positions across various sectors.


  1. The increasing popularity of electric kick scooters and the potential for a more fragmented internet landscape highlight the role of technology in shaping our society and economy.

  2. Technological advancements in sustainable transportation, such as electric scooters, contribute to the ongoing transition towards greener urban mobility solutions.


  1. The Biden/Harris Administration's efforts to fix democracy, including legislative initiatives and policy changes, emphasize the importance of the legal landscape in shaping our society.

  2. The France-China relations situation showcases the significance of international law and diplomatic agreements in maintaining global stability.


  1. Record rainfall and the climate crisis campaign emphasize the urgency of addressing climate change. The endangered bat colony serves as an example of the impact of environmental issues on wildlife.

  2. Sustainable transportation solutions, such as electric kick scooters, play a crucial role in mitigating environmental impacts and reducing carbon emissions.

Additional Expert Section - Potential Revolution and Political Changes in Russia Amidst Ongoing Ukraine Conflict

The "Club of Angry Patriots," a group of Russian nationalists, warns of a potential revolution in Russia if the Kremlin freezes the war or pursues peace negotiations with Ukraine and the West. Pavel Gubarev, a self-proclaimed former "People's Governor of Donetsk Oblast," described the group as a "potentially revolutionary power" that will prevent "betrayal" if the government decides to freeze the current frontlines in Ukraine. Gubarev argues that Russia cannot win the war without a revolution, either from within the government or in society, because various actors will not allow the necessary reformation of social-economic institutions to support the war effort.

The official "Club of Angry Patriots" Telegram account has shared concerns over possible political changes within the Kremlin as a result of a Ukrainian counteroffensive. The group shared a post from Georgiy Fedorov, leader of the Russian "Civil Solidarity" movement, who assessed that the political situation in Russia largely depends on frontline realities. Fedorov claimed that if Russians can defeat Ukrainian counteroffensives, Putin may freeze the war to avoid mobilization ahead of the 2024 presidential election cycle. On the other hand, if Ukrainians are successful, the political situation within the Kremlin will lead to deeper conflicts between different parties for influence, and the Kremlin will conduct personnel changes. Fedorov noted that the most unlikely scenario is the imminent dissolution of Putin's power system but mentioned that various financial, regional, and industrial figures may be preparing for such an outcome.

This analysis highlights the growing internal divisions and concerns within Russia regarding the ongoing war in Ukraine. The potential for political change and upheaval within the Kremlin, depending on the outcome of the conflict, may have significant implications for Russia's domestic and international policies. (additional intel from the ISW)

These issues are interconnected and will require a comprehensive approach to address them effectively. As our company navigates this complex geopolitical landscape, understanding these connections will be vital to making informed strategic decisions. Please review these important issues and their connections during your briefing.

Best regards,

Your Geopolitical Analysis Department


We have successfully deployed our Trend Monitoring Radar (TMR) on the Wednesday section. We deployed a Python script to scan weekly news and asked AI to prioritize and categorize it. Additionally, we instructed AI to generate a weekly summary report based on the scanning data in a reporting style for the executive director of the Geopolitical Analysis department. The report is far from perfect, so please do not share the contents publicly. We will strive to make the entire process 100% automated and find ways to improve relevance, consistency, and accuracy in the future. our TMR is inspired by

Geopolitics.Asia will provide serious policy analysis on Mondays, trend monitoring on weekdays, and cultural and lifestyle issues on weekends. Please note that our weekday situation monitoring will not include a trend radar or scenario analysis for the time being, as we work to fully automate these processes with AI. You can, however, access to our previous experiments on trend radar and scenario planning generated by the AI, 1) Simple scenario planning at Jan 26, 2023, 2) Double iteration scenario planning technique at February 2, 2023, 3) Triple iteration scenario planning techniqueat February 9, 2023, and 4) Hyperdimensional scenario planning technique at February 17, 2023.

Stay tuned for updates on this exciting development!


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