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Agenda Bangkok – 10 Future Policies

SIU’s latest publication, Agenda Bangkok: 10 Bangkok Future Policies. This is the outcome of our 2012 year long projects “Agenda Bangkok”.

The goal of the project is to encourage a better way for public policy of Bangkok Metropolitan Area. We intentionally prepare this work in schedule with the 2013 Bangkok Governor election and propose our works to many (if not all) candidates as possible.


We collected and gathered feedback from experienced Bangkok policy stakeholders and three workshops during the year. All the information were processed using foresight technique and summarized into “10 future issues” that Bangkokians should care.

Five experts who used to/still work on Bangkok policy issues:

  • Prateep Ungsongtham Hata (page 3), an NGO who won Magsaysay Award on development policy.

  • Apirak Kosayodhin (page 4), ex-Bangkok governor, now a MP from Democrat Party.

  • Narongsak Poomsrisa-ard (page 5), an executive from CP-ALL Company, the owner of 7-11 convenient store chain.

  • Kochawan Kemaprasit (page 6), an adviser of Private Bangkok Bus Service Association.

  • Prapas Jongsanguan (page 7), the first governor of MRT, he was a Bangkok governor candidate as well.

All the idea from workshops are scored and broken into five sections.


  • Technology

  • Economy

  • Environment

  • Politics

We got 10 future trends of Bangkok City, which you can read them from page 8:

  • Sex In The City

  • Next Generation Labor

  • Bangkok Identity

  • Art For All

  • Emerging Crime

  • Inclusive Space

  • Low Carbon Society

  • AEC Megacities

  • Emerging Rights

  • 360 Degree Leadership

It can be categorized into 4 groups (page 9)

  • ASEANization = urbanization of Bangkok + labour migration + AEC community + ageing society

  • The Big Mango = (similarly to NYC’s Big Apple) Bangkok is Big Mango, center of everything: culture, life, jobs, race, crime from around the world

  • Emerald City = Climate Change will force Bangkok to be Low Carbon Society, utilizing the “space” (physical/mental/cyber) to serve its residents, led by 360 degree leaderships

  • Our Road = the challenge of Bangkok to become “City of Art” depends on new liberal generation but they are in conflict with the conservative power that has ruled Bangkok for ages.

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